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Whether you are located in the Caribbean or offshore, 4c’s E-commerce solution offers you competitive rates.

4C’s E-commerce Solution is a multi-currency online payment gateway offering E-commerce merchants the ability to securely accept, process and transact credit and debit card payments for purchases conducted on their websites.

4C’s E-commerce supports all leading shopping carts and storefronts and has the ability to interface with any in-house development by the use of a simply configured application-programming interface (API). Merchants utilizing our system have the ability to accept payments from customers using Visa & MasterCard.

4C’s E-commerce allows the merchant to present for authorization in 170 currencies and settle in 26 currencies. This allows any merchant no matter where they may be located to utilize the e-commerce solution. This in its truest sense outlines the meaning of meeting the ‘global’ demands as required by the B2C market place.

Understanding risk management concerns, 4C’s E-commerce offers Negative database, a database utilizing a set of rules configured by the merchant to identify possible fraudulent transactions.

Merchant reporting is provided through E-commerce Online, a web-based application provided to each E-commerce client. E-commerce merchants are provided real time activity reports, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This allows the merchant to efficiently and successfully handle their back office requirements and thereby transfer a seamless purchasing experience to the buyer, ensuring loyalty to the merchant’s site.

In summary, our E-commerce solution is a unique payment gateway that offers the large corporation or start up business the perfect solution for online trading. The scaleable architecture, product flexibility and industrial strength security offers any organization the comfort of a solution meeting their needs both now and in the future.

To find out how you could be a part of this exciting solution, give us a call.

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