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Products & Services

4Cs offers a wide range of Credit and Debit Card Products to meet the needs of our Clients and Cardholders, namely:

Credit Cards:

  • Visa (Classic, Gold and Corporate)
  • MasterCard (Standard and Gold)

Caribbean Credit Card Corporation is now issuing Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards directly to persons on St. Kitts. Call our office at 465 3700 for details.

Debit Cards: COMING SOON

International Plus and Cirrus

Bank Issued Local Cards

Card issuing is available in two currencies: US Dollars and EC (local Dollars). Each account carries cardholder limit expressed in the relevant currency. Both cards are international cards. For the US Dollar cardholder, all purchases regardless of currency are billed in US Dollars. Likewise, with the local dollar, purchases can be made in any currency but is billed in local dollars and accounts are settled in local dollars.

Card Production - Cards are produced and shipped weekly to our participating banks. We offer a turnaround time from 1 - 7 days between receipt of application to the actual shipping of cards. Our card centre can produce and ship cards daily, if the need arises.

Card Management Systems - A stable yet flexible card management system provides 4Cs with the ability to respond to all customer queries and efficiently process transactions through the VISA and MasterCard network.

Customer Service - We operate a full Customer Service Centre which provides our banks, merchants and cardholders with a one stop shop for resolution of all queries. Our well trained staff can be an extension to your institution's customer service operations.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Our IVR Service provides our cardholders with 24 hours access to their account details. Information such as available balance, minimum payment due, payment due date and transaction history can all be accessed through our 24 Hour Customer Service Line.

Right Connections/ Competitive Rates - As your processor, we offer direct connections and VISA/MasterCard sponsorships for associate and affiliate memberships for qualifying businesses.

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